I offer counselling for carers, ministry workers and volunteers, and others looking for mental health support.

Counselling services for weaving wellness
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Counselling for general wellness

For those who want help for their general mental wellbeing.

Counselling for carers

For those who spend their time caring for others.

Counselling for ministry workers, spouses & volunteers

For those who are involved with ministry work, spouses and volunteers 

For art and spiritual retreats

Workshops that integrate art, mindfulness and spirituality. 


In these highly stressed, rapidly changing times, counselling can be of great value for anyone who wants to ‘weave wellness into their life’.

Regular counselling can provide you with:

  • Biblically informed counselling approaches including elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and an understanding of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Nonviolent Communication

  • Tools to help you weave wellness into your life

  • Short-term, solution-focused counselling

  • Conflict management

  • Tools for healthy self-care

  • General mental health support

  • Flexible approaches including in-personself-care and Zoom counselling


Caring for someone with a mental or physical illness can be tough.

The counselling for carers I offer can help you take proper care of yourself and your own mental wellbeing so that you are able to provide better care for your loved ones. 

Counselling for carers can provide you with:

  • Training in healthy communication skills with a loved one with mental health or physical caring needs

  • Compassionate understanding and lived experience of being a carer so you don’t have to “explain what it’s like”

  • Help to be sustainable in balancing multiple roles

  • Healthy self-care

  • Avoiding compassion fatigue and burnout


It’s vital for ministry workers, volunteers, and spouses to engage in healthy self-care for sustainability in your various vocations.

Counselling for ministry workers, volunteers and spouses can provide you with:

  • Biblically informed counselling

  • A confidential ear outside of your own ministry context

  • Ways to grow in healthy discipleship (for example, exploring boundaries, Sabbath and rest, personal sustainability, self-care, conflict management, and communication skills)

  • Experience, understanding and empathy for ministry dynamics within the LCA as a ministry spouse and volunteer for over 20 years


    Group Workshops are a way to integrate art and spirituality in a way that can positively impact mental health and wellbeing.

    Emerging research shows that weaving arts and creativity into your life in a group setting can strongly support and encourage well-being and mental health. Art therapy group workshops tap into the benefits of this growing field. I work collaboratively with other professionals in the field of art, creativity, spirituality, and psychology to provide group workshops on request.

    Art Therapy workshops could be booked for:

    • Small groups

    • One day retreats

    • Integrating creative arts with spiritual and mental health

    These workshops may include elements of mixed media, prayer, labyrinths, clay sculpture, painting and other arts.

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