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Thoughtful counselling
for a balanced life and
fulfilling relationships

Weaving wellness can help you enhance your emotional well-being and mental health.

Are you struggling with untangling the knots of life?

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Feeling Overwhelmed

Counselling supports you with self-reflection, validation, and practical coping strategies.

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Mental Health Concerns

Receive guidance to navigate the challenges of mental health and foster emotional well-being.

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Relationship Issues

Facing conflicts in relationships can be difficult. Counselling gives you a safe place and support to foster communication, resolve conflict and build
healthier connections.

Discover balance and wellbeing: Counselling services for personal growth and emotional resilience

Counselling for general wellness

For those who want help for their general mental wellbeing.

Counselling for carers

For those who spend their
time caring for others.

For art and spiritual retreats

Creative Group: One-Day Workshops that integrate art, mindfulness, and spirituality. 

Hi, I’m Yvette

Sometimes in life, we can get stuck in a tangle of thoughts and behaviours that hinder us from living a whole life. Weaving Wellness Counselling can give you a new perspective and help you once again find wellness.


Meeting with a counsellor can help you sort through the tangle to
weave a new path


Here at Weaving Wellness Counselling in Croydon, you will find someone willing to listen. Someone who understands, and who genuinely cares. Counselling will draw on the strengths you already have, and also provide you with extra tools that will empower you to take positive steps towards sustainability and well-being.

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Counselling that connects:
Authentic experiences from our clients

Jessica S

Yvette helped me to identify why I was feeling and dealing with things in a particular way and also gave me some tools and tactics to practice helping others to understand what I was experiencing. A super positive experience.

Beverley H

I have had sessions with Yvette and perhaps what struck me was the speed at which we accessed a point of grief that I was holding. I’m not sure how this happened so quickly. Yvette’s style is very gentle and freeing and that combination enabled a release of deep pain. I felt entirely safe both psychologically and spiritually. I felt stable and well after our session.
Yvette provides theory to go with her practice, so that experiences are grounded.

Comprehensive wellness strategy


Recognise you need support: 

Your wellbeing is important for your own sake and the sake of the one you care for. Counselling can support you through the extra challenges that come with being
a caregiver.


Connect with Yvette:  

Yvette’s counselling is flexible and accessible – she can come to a place that suits you for the counselling appointment, or provide a space you can come to, or meet online via Zoom. You can book an appointment on this page or press the phone icon to begin a conversation about how counselling can benefit you.  


Weaving wellness into your life:  

Counselling will help you take steps towards improving your own wellbeing and enhancing your capacity to provide ongoing care to others. You will develop a personalised plan to address your specific challenges. You’ll gain insights, learn coping strategies and receive emotional support.  

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Experience compassionate guidance by scheduling an appointment with Weaving Wellness Counselling
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Choose between remote sessions or in-person visits to suit your preferences.

NDIS invoicing is also available for added convenience.

Our in-person counselling is held on the lands of the Wurundjeri people and

I wish to acknowledge them as Traditional Owners.

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